Social Media Policy


This document is designed to provide all Delphx employees and social media community users with guidelines regarding the appropriate use of the company’s social media accounts with Twitter and LinkedIn.


Employees may not disclose confidential or proprietary information on any of Delphx ‘s social media pages. The disclosure of confidential or proprietary information without prior authorization may result in disciplinary action up to and including  termination.

Below are some guidelines for the use of social media. These guidelines are not intended to infringe on an employee’s Section 7 rights and any adverse action taken in accordance with this policy will evaluate whether employees were engaged in protected concerted activity.

  • Employees must not represent themselves as a spokesperson for DelphX unless requested to do so by management. If DelphX is a subject of the content being created – whether by an employee or third party-employees should be clear and open about the fact that they are employed with DelphX but that their views do not necessarily represent those of DelphX.
  • Delphx  employees will be held responsible for what they write or post on any of Delphx ‘s social media pages. Inflammatory comments, disparaging remarks, or negative / inappropriate language or posts are not permitted.
  • Delphx  employees are directed not to engage in discussions on social media.  Platforms are for dissemination of content only.
  • Employees are required to respect copyrights and never post text, images or video created by someone else without proper attribution and/or authorization. If employees have questions about copyright law and/or the usage of certain media, they may contact George Wentworth in writing.
  • Social media is not a substitute for inter-company communications. Important information should be transmitted within normal company communication channels, and not through social media outlets.
  • Social media is not a substitute for customer service.
  • In the event that a Delphx  staff member discovers any group(s) that users have formed to discuss the company, its products, or services, employees are requested to bring them to the attention of management.
  • Employees are required to relay important issues to management as soon as possible.
  • If employees have any questions regarding how to respond to a particular post, employees should discuss the issue with management prior to posting.
  • Always adopt a positive attitude when responding to comments on the company’s pages or applications, or comments about the company in general.


The official social media accounts (Twitter , LinkedIn) are maintained by the Delphx  Communications Division.

The Delphx  social media pages are meant to create a sense of community. We encourage active discussions and interactions that are both respectful and meaningful. On our pages, we welcome all questions and commentary, including constructive feedback; however, please respect other people’s views, beliefs and emotions, and try to keep conversations relevant.

Opinions expressed by other social media users do not necessarily reflect the Delphx or the staff’s opinions. While the majority of user comments will contribute to an active and engaging community, some may not. Therefore, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to add comments to, and remove and/or edit content on our pages that we deem inappropriate or off topic.

We respond to inquiries on Delphx  social media pages from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm ET (excluding statutory holidays). We would appreciate your help with maintaining an inviting space by self-policing threads, flagging spam and reporting links you find abusive using the official procedures on each social media platform.

If you have additional questions or comments regarding the Delphx social media account


Employees must not use statements, photographs, video, or audio that could reasonably be viewed as malicious, obscene, threatening, or intimidating toward customers, employees, or other people or organizations affiliated with the Company. This includes, but is not limited to, posts that could contribute to a hostile work environment on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, national origin, or any other status protected by state or federal law.

To keep social media communities useful for everyone, please keep the following

guidelines in mind:

  • Stay relevant: Contribute to the discussion with information that would be of interest to your peers. Do not post advertisements.
  • Be respectful: Maintain a friendly environment. Do not post inappropriate or offensive material.
  • Avoid investment specifics: Do not post personal information; account information; testimonials; investment advice; or recommendations about specific securities, products, or services. Such opinions and experiences may not apply to others and their individual situations.
  • Respect your own privacy: Do not send or post personal information or account information via social media for questions about your accounts and for customer service inquiries.
  • Avoid Defamation: Do not post anything you know or suspect to be false about DelphX or anyone associated with it, including fellow employees and clients. Writing something untrue and ultimately harmful to any person or organization is defamation and can lead to significant financial liability for the person who makes the statement.

We reserve the right to remove and moderate comments. We reserve the right to restrict users who don’t follow these guidelines, have online pages containing offensive content or serving as promotional sites, or for any other reason.

Comments and opinions posted by users are the responsibility of the person who posted them. Delphx does not adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others, and such content does not represent the views of Delphx.

Followers who have a business relationship with Dephx or other beneficial interest in commenting are responsible for adhering to any restrictions for interacting online and any obligations to disclose that relationship or interest in their posts.

Delphx is not responsible for the terms of use or privacy or security policies on other Websites.


Employees must maintain the confidentiality of DelphX trade secrets and confidential information. Trade secrets include, but are not limited to, information regarding the  development of systems, products, and technology. Private and confidential information includes, but is not limited to, customer lists, financial data, and private personal information about other employees or clients that they have not given the employee permission to share.

Social Media Active Accounts

The listing of active accounts below is a reference for individuals interested in a snapshot of our social media activities
(Last update: March 2022).

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