Creating the Next Generation of Credit Products and Technologies

Building a better credit market

DelphX is a technology and financial services company focused on bringing new and exciting alternatives to structured product and credit markets. Through its special purpose vehicle Quantum and its broker-dealer DelphX Services Corp, it enables fixed income dealers to offer new Rule 144A securities that optimally transfer and diffuse credit risk, while allowing the enhancement of yield. The new DelphX platform will be regulated by the SEC and enable dealers to competitively structure, sell and make markets in:

  • Collateralized Put Options (CPOs) provide secured default protection for underlying corporate, municipal and sovereign securities, with each CPO strike price
  • Equaling the par value of its underlying security.
  • Collateralized Reference Notes (CRNs) that enable credit investors to take on the default exposure of a single underlying security or optionally participate in a pool of diversified risks that broadly diffuse the impact of credit events.

DelphX will build tomorrow’s credit market through

Analytics-led innovations & platforms which transform participant experience

Real time price discovery, liquidity & automated execution through AI & blockchain

Facilitate market efficiencies through ”smart credit” products

  • 2021

    DelphX issues its first CPOs and CRNs

  • Q2 2022

    DelphX creates an automated securities platform

  • Q2 2022

    DelphX becomes a secondary market

  • 2022 & Beyond

    DelphX becomes the defacto choice for blockchain, smart contracts, decentrialized finance