Upgrading the world’s credit markets

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White Paper

Key Characteristics of Delphx’s Private Placement Securities. How They Compare to and Improve Upon Credit Default Swaps

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DelphX Announces Warrant Extension

DelphX Capital Markets Inc.  (TSXV: DELX) (OTCQB: DPXCF) (“DelphX”), a leader in the development of new classes of structured products for the fixed income market, announces that it intends to seek approval of the TSX Venture Exchange to extend the exercise...

Radius Research Webinar CEO Patrick Wood discusses the launch of new credit and risk products and their growth potential DelphX is a technology and financial services company focused on developing and distributing the next generation of structured...

Radius Research Webinar

Delphx (DELX) CEO Pat Wood: launching new credit and risk products; Highlights growth expectation

Investment Thesis

Upgrading the world’s credit markets

One of a kind solution

One of a kind solution offering a smarter way to manage credit default risk while removing counterparty risk

Strong brand awareness

Leveraging our brand awareness with marketing initiatives to drive growth

Early stage opportunity

Significant early stage opportunity to own “special” and capture a greater share of a very large and growing TAM. (Total addressable market)

Strong Financial Upside

Planning to deliver strong top and bottom-line operating and financial performance

Focused Growth Strategy

Successfully executing a long-term growth strategy focused on our Right to Win

Agile Team

Agile team, mutually focused on delivering positive business and social impact