DelphX Enters into Business Consultant Agreement with Cardiff
Associates to Accelerate Commercialization Timeline

April 26, 2023

DelphX Capital Markets Inc. (TSXV: DELX) (OTCQB: DPXCF) (“DelphX”), a leader in the  development of new classes of structured products for the fixed income market, announces that  the Company has today entered into a business consultant agreement with Cardiff Associates  (“Cardiff”), a US-based organization that specializes in financial services development. Cardiff will  provide comprehensive advisory services to support the implementation of the DelphX business  strategy, specifically relating to proprietary products addressing rating changes, and corporate  downgrade and upgrade structures. As a reminder, DelphX recently introduced a novel Credit  Rating Security (CRS) product, which represents an industry-first solution that gives bond holders  and traders the ability to position against potential rating changes on existing bonds.  

Under the terms of the agreement, Cardiff will receive 1MM options with a two-year maturity and  an exercise price of $0.15 per common share; along with the right to gain additional  compensation by achieving the following major milestones:  

• The first commercial transaction by a new customer on the DelphX platform; 

• Establishment of a DelphX network, platform, or other structure capable of providing  consistent liquidity for DelphX products and/or services, as defined by gaining four (4) or  more market makers on fifty (50) or more underlying names;  

• Establishment of a stable, scalable issuance mechanism for DelphX products and/or  services (e.g., reducing corporate issuance and settlement process from T+3 to T+2,  T+1, and/or inter-day); 

• The first commercial sale of a DelphX index product/service; 

• The first commercial sale of a DelphX asset management wrapper product  encompassing a DelphX index product or service. 

“Individually these are all major milestones for us, but collectively they are a company-maker  because they would represent the establishment of a new market to support one of the world’s  largest asset class,” explained DelphX CEO Patrick Wood. “Teaming with Cardiff gives us access  to advisors with decades of experience in the global financial markets, both operationally and at  the board level of some of the industry’s leading international investment banks. Most importantly,  we will be teaming with true fintech, banking and structured product experts who are actively  shaping the standards and infrastructure that form the backbone of today’s global financial  systems. We expect this to be a transformative relationship and appreciate this vote of  confidence from an organization that is at the forefront and who can lead us to rapid deployment  and adoption.” 

About DelphX Capital Markets Inc. 

DelphX is a technology and financial services company focused on developing and distributing  the next generation of structured products. Through its special purpose vehicle Quantem LLC, the 


Company enables fixed income dealers to offer new private placement securities that optimally  transfer and diffuse credit risk, while allowing the enhancement of yield. The new DelphX  securities will enable dealers and their qualified institutional investors (QIBs) accounts to  competitively structure, sell and make markets in: 

• Collateralized put options (CPOs) that provide secured default protection or rating  downgrade protection for underlying corporate, municipal and sovereign securities; 

• Collateralized reference notes (CRNs) that enable credit investors to take on the default  or rating downgrade exposure of an underlying security in exchange for enhanced yield. 

All CPOs and CRNs are fully collateralized and held in custody by BNY Mellon. CPOs and CRNs  are proprietary products created and owned by DelphX Capital Markets. 

For more information about DelphX, please visit 

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Forward-Looking Statements 

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