DelphX Acronym and Term Playbook

The following is a list of Acronyms & Terms that will be helpful to anyone reading this presentation:


Collateralized Put Option- a fully-collateralized 144A security which provides protection  against default of a referenced Bond.


Collateralized Reference Note- a 144A security which provides collateral for amount being covered in the CPO in return for a premium paid by the CPO


Credit Default Swap- a derivative which provides protection against default of a referenced Bond or entity.


Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures- a nine-digit numeric or nine-character alphanumeric code that identifies a North  American financial security


International Swaps and Derivatives Association- Determine whether a reference entity has defaulted on their debt obligations and sets an auction which in turn dictates any recovery values

Recovery Value   

The amount of value in a Bond when the issuer of that Bond defaults


Security Securities which are privately placed to qualified institutional investors


Securities & Exchange Commission